Traffic, Talking, and Early Termination

Several recent articles have appeared linking cell phone usage while driving (or merely walking on the streets) to a higher rate of traffic-related deaths.

In an article titled, “Danger of Cell Phone Use: While Walking Or Driving, Cell Phones Increase Traffic, Pedestrian Fatalities” published in Science Daily on March 8, 2009, several new studies about traffic deaths related to cell phone use are reviewed.

The “life-saving effect” occurred as the volume of phones grew into the early 1990s, and increasing numbers of cells were used to call 911 following accidents, leading to a drop in fatalities, explains Loeb. But this life-saving effect was canceled out once the numbers of phones reached a “critical mass” of  about 100 million and the “life-taking effect” – increased accidents and fatalities — outweighed the benefits of quick access to 911 services, according to [Rutgers University, Newark, Economics Professor Peter D. ] Loeb.

Here is a link to the AAA Foundation’s December 2008 report.

Sobering stuff!  It’s the ultimate early termination fee.


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