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Clearwire to Clearwire: “Learn How to Really Connect”

On advisor’s opinion…

“Learn how to really connect” is one of the slogan’s you’ll find currently running on Clearwire’s web site.

Actually, it’s not a bad idea, and I encourage them to follow their own counsel.

Early this year, before Clearwire started their big deployment efforts in earnest in Southern California, I reached out to . . . → Read More: Clearwire to Clearwire: “Learn How to Really Connect”


Let’s Be Clear About Clearwire

I recently posted a message to a list serve run by the League of California Cities aimed at local government planners. That posting has provoked a number of comments, universally positive from local government planners and attorneys. I did receive what might be called a negative response from a wireless industry siting agent.

I’ll let . . . → Read More: Let’s Be Clear About Clearwire

AT&T Wireless

Cows in Action!

That’s COWs as in Cells on Wheels. I was digging through my collection of cell site photos and ran across a few I hadn’t posted from the October 2007 fires in Orange County. I’ve added a few photos of AT&T’s cow, and Nextel’s 20KW portable generator. The photos are in the in the COWs . . . → Read More: Cows in Action!

Wireless Site Design

New Cell Site Photos from Arizona

I’ve just posted a group of new camo wireless site photos from a recent trip to Arizona. These photos include several mono-cross photos; and flagpole and mono(blah)-palm photos. Check out the newest photos in the Gallery.

Click on the banner link, above, or on the large photo above and you’ll be transported to the gallery.

. . . → Read More: New Cell Site Photos from Arizona


Jailbreaking = Going to Jail?

The hot news recently has been about unlocking (or “jailbreaking”) Apple’s iPhone. Apple posted the following statement on its website (, which as of 8/1/09 was not available at Apple’s site, but still available via Google’s cache:

“Unauthorized modification of iPhone OS has been a major source of instability, disruption of services, and . . . → Read More: Jailbreaking = Going to Jail?