How to Spoil A New Mexico View

Here’s a gem of a cell tower that literally towers over an otherwise beautiful desert and mountain landscape along I-25 south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This tower is 150 feet tall, and completely towers over everything in the view of the drivers along this stretch of I-25.  For those of you who want more information on this gem, visit this FCC web site.

<soap box>Sites like this are a black-eye on the wireless industry, and the planners who permit them. </soap box>


2 comments to How to Spoil A New Mexico View

  • Boedette

    I appreciate your opinion and comment on this tower. It is definitely and eyesore, and shows that someone is not keeping the community’s interest in mind.

  • John Malseed

    Would you rather be stuck in the middle of this “beautiful” desert without the possibility of getting help?

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