Oops! Clearwire 4G Launch in Los Angeles.

…at least their press release says that Clearwire is launching real soon now.

My sources inside Clearwire tell me that the network is already up and running in portions of the L.A./Orange County market right now, and available via Sprint’s 4G phones and Clearwire dongles, but that Clearwire is rushing to get sites on-air to fill in coverage holes.

I just received my first Clearwire mailing.

Click on the image below and take a look at Clearwire’s offer at the bottom of the left panel.  Then compare that offer with the one in the right panel.

You’ll see why this mailer is a marketer’s (or proofreader’s) worst nightmare!

It Hulps too prufreed teh ofer bfore printng it.(Click on the image to enlarge it to full size. Then spot the oops!)

I suspect many tens-of-thousands of flyers went out this way.

If Clearwire’s flyer was a menu, I think I’ll order off of the right side!

Check please.

(Okay, some legal stuff: CLEAR, the CLEAR logo and Clear Spot are trademarks or registered trademarks of Clearwire Communications LLC.)


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  • Jonathan Kramer

    Spotted an interesting fine text point in Clearwire’s disclaimers on its page:

    “Network connection must be manually reestablished when traveling from a 3G coverage area into a 4G coverage area.”

    For the uninitiated, this means that when you leave a ‘4G’ coverage area (read: Clearwire’s network) and you pick up a ‘3G’ signal (read: Sprint’s network), the connection will drop. You’ll have to reconnect every time you cross from Sprint to Clearwire and back again. Sorry, no automatic hand-offs. Until Clearwire’s network is significantly deployed throughout SoCal, you should expect that in-car use of the system will be frustrating.


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