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AT&T&T Likely to Have to Divest Portions of Networks

Reuters is reporting that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson believes that his company will have to divest portions of its existing wireless network to secure federal permissions to acquire T-Mobile. Stephenson’s comments were made in New York at a Council on Foreign Relations event held on March 30, 2011

My suspicion is that T-Mobile will be . . . → Read More: AT&T&T Likely to Have to Divest Portions of Networks

AT&T Wireless


It’s no surprise that T-Mobile will soon cease to exist in the U.S. What is a surprise is that AT&T is claiming the prize, rather than the widely-rumored suitor, Sprint/Nextel.

What is more of a surprise is that T-Mobile lasted so long before giving up the ship. T-Mobile has always played a game of the . . . → Read More: AT&T&T?


The GPS World Lines Up Against LightSquared

In yet another bold step to block LightSquared from initiating its high-powered terrestrial wireless service on a band adjacent to the GPS weak signal downlink band, a consortium of GPS manufacturers and industry users have formed the “Coalition to Save Our GPS” (on the web at

This site has various news clipping and documents . . . → Read More: The GPS World Lines Up Against LightSquared


VZ, VZW Steps Up For Japan

Verizon Offers Free Calls to Japan From March 11 to April 10

Verizon Wireless Customers Can Text to Japan for Free

NEW YORK – March 14, 2011 – To help its customers contact loved ones in the aftermath of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, Verizon is enabling most wireless and residential customers to make free . . . → Read More: VZ, VZW Steps Up For Japan

AT&T Wireless

Free AT&T In-Home Microcell?

Findlaw is reporting that AT&T Wireless is offering some of its customers a free in-home microcell (sometimes called a femtocell) … for customer who repeatedly complain about dropped calls.

According to Findlaw, “If you have complained to AT&T about your coverage or have used their application to report dropped calls, you are likely to be . . . → Read More: Free AT&T In-Home Microcell?


LightSquared v. GPS Users: We’ll know on June 15, 2011

At the direction of the FCC on January26, 2011 (See: for all of the filings), LightSquared and the GPS Industry Council have formed a working group. The working group will conduct tests of LightSquared’s transmission system to determine whether LightSquared’s proposed filter solution will resolve the demonstrated potential for interference to GPS users . . . → Read More: LightSquared v. GPS Users: We’ll know on June 15, 2011