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DAS All Folks!

Published in today’s AGL DAS Bulletin: “Predictions 2012: DAS All Folks!” by yours truly.

If you’re in cable TV industry, the wireless industry, or the DAS industry, you may be surprised by my predictions about the intersection of cable TV and wireless services, and the potential impact on DAS. You may even agree!

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Simple Stylish Scottsdale Site

Camouflaging a wireless site is not simply about hiding the antennas. Sometimes its about designing and locating the panel antenna enclosure to fit the existing architectural surroundings. Here’s an example at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in, of all places, Scottsdale, Arizona (I was in Scottsdale a few days ago on business).

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AT&T Wireless

AT&T-T (AT&T Pulls the Wireless Plug on T-Mobile Deal)

AT&T announced today that it has given up on merging with T-Mobile, and will pay T-Mobile the tidy sum of $4,000,000,000 (yeah, that’s $4B) as a parting gift.

Look for T-Mobile to either buy some second tier carriers, to perhaps do a deal with Sprint (see that posting here).

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NextG Networks sold to CrownCastle

This sale marks CrownCastle’s undisputed dominance of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) market…for now. My prediction, however, is that we are seeing the peak of the DAS market, and that cable TV operators will become the new DAS leaders as they deploy wireless carrier services connected to their existing cable plant backhaul networks. More on . . . → Read More: NextG Networks sold to CrownCastle


FCC’s New Rules Regarding Migratory Birds

Turkey Vultures in Pittsburg, California find this CrownCastle tower very pleasant, indeed!

The FCC has recently released new rules requiring public notice and and opportunity to comment on new Antenna Structure Registration (“ASR”) applications. These new rules, released on December 9th, 2011 are explained by the Commission in the following three paragraphs:

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Wireless Vultures!

Many have claimed that wireless towers are unfriendly to birds, and that wireless carriers are vultures.

Nope, not true!

Here are the real wireless vultures! In a twist, a couple of days ago I stumbled across a tower in Pittsburg, California that is very friendly to birds. Vultures, that is. By my count, there were . . . → Read More: Wireless Vultures!