Simple Stylish Scottsdale Site

Camouflaging a wireless site is not simply about hiding the antennas.  Sometimes its about designing and locating the panel antenna enclosure to fit the existing architectural surroundings.  Here’s an example at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in, of all places, Scottsdale, Arizona (I was in Scottsdale a few days ago on business).

The antenna panels are only easy to spot if you’re a wireless siting expert (like yours truly).   What? You don’t see them?  Okay…I’ll give you a close up of one of the boxes.

The pop-up box enclosures on either site of the bridge are nicely integrated into the face of the structure.

My only disappointment in the design of this particular site is that the GPS antenna is plainly visible above the panel antenna enclosure.  It should have been placed back on the roof so as not to be visible to the public.

As a general note, the City of Scottsdale has a reputation for planning some very creative wireless sites.  Sometimes the sites are camo, like above; sometimes the sites incorporate public art; sometimes they use mono-cactus.

Good work, Scottsdale!


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