DAS Beware of Bright House’s Bright Idea

Bright House, a major cable TV “multiple system operator” (MSO) is joining other cable operators by deploying 2,000 WiFi nodes in its Florida systems.   Following the usual MSO model, Bright House is offering its service for fee to its subscribers, and on a paid basis to others.   It seems likely that BelAir Networks will be the equipment vendor of choice.

Not so clear is whether Bright House will allow its WiFi customers to roam on the WiFi systems being built by Cablevision Systems, Time Warner Cable and Comcast.

Not only are Cablevision Systems, Time Warner Cable and Comcast all building WiFI networks in high-density areas of their system footprints, but they also have an agreement in place to allow their customers to roam on any of the three WiFi networks.

With CableLabs already working on a common standard for cable system WiFi roaming, its only a matter of (a little) time before the national roll-out of cable’s WiFi, which will then set the stage for cable’s provision of 3G/4G/xG services from these same nodes.

As I’ve already discussed in this bog, the entire DAS sector will be marginalized (or worse)  by the national deployment of cable-based wireless services, starting with WiFI and moving to xG contract nodes for wireless carriers.

Bright House’s deployment is just another step along the path of DAS marginalization.



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