Nextel kick’n ‘um on the way out…

As you may have heard, Sprint Nextel is shuttering a substantial number of its legacy Nextel iDEN tower sites. These sites are no longer necessary in light of Sprint decommissioning of the Nextel iDEN service and combining technologies through its grand Network Vision Project (for more on Network Vision, click here).

For impacted Nextel tower . . . → Read More: Nextel kick’n ‘um on the way out…


I’ve Just Completed my LL.M Dissertation

As some of you know, I’ve been enrolled at the University of Strathclyde in its LL.M Internet and Telecommunications Law program.

After two years of coursework, and some 24 separate research papers regarding Internet and Telecom law (spanning some 45,000 words), I’ve just completed and turned in my 25th and final paper: my 42-page dissertation . . . → Read More: I’ve Just Completed my LL.M Dissertation


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Third-Party Sec. 6409(a) Presentation

A California government recently received a third-party consultant presentation in an open meeting study session ostensibly regarding wireless collocation siting under Section 6409(a).

I am making available the audio and slides of the presentation, along with my legal analysis and commentary regarding the information and the reliability of the information offered during the lecture, . . . → Read More: Third-Party Sec. 6409(a) Presentation


9/11/01: I was in the middle of having breakfast.

On this important day, like many others, I offer my ‘where were you on 9/11?” story.

I was having a quiet breakfast when I first became aware of something quite out of the ordinary.

As I recall, the main course of my breakfast consisted of a cheddar cheese omelet. On the side were home fries . . . → Read More: 9/11/01: I was in the middle of having breakfast.