AB 57 Likely To Become Law, Then What?

Today, the California Assembly passed AB 57 as amended by the State Senate. This means that the Bill now moves on to Gov. Brown for his signature. It’s unlikely Gov. Brown will spend the political capital to veto the Bill, but there’s always hope.

Assuming AB 57 is enrolled, we’ll have to wait for the first test case where a wireless applicant claims that a local government busted the shot clock and asserts a deemed-approved by operation of law basis to build the site.

As for the fire fighters’ union that moved to support the bill as language was added to exclude the impact of AB 57 on fire stations, they’ve traded their political capital for nothing of any value. The language inserted in the bill at the last moment to gain the fire fighters’ support does exactly nothing to prevent cell sites or First Net towers from being installed on fire stations. Absolutely nothing. Imagine their reaction when they realize they’ve been played Assembly Member Quirk and the wireless industry. Sigh.

While AB 57 still doesn’t solve a problem that never existed, you’ve got to hand it to the industry for pushing this legislation through our legislature. Let’s keep an eye on the campaign donations.



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