National Conference Call on Mobilitie Scheduled 6/21

This is a hold-the-date announcement that there will be a national government-side conference call regarding Mobilitie scheduled for June 21st at 2-3 p.m. Eastern Time.  More details to follow in just a couple of days, but you’re going to want to have your planning and public works people on this call.

(I might happen to know one of the speakers…ahem…)

(There might be photos…ahem…)

(There might be a test afterwards….naw, just kidding…)



4 comments to National Conference Call on Mobilitie Scheduled 6/21

  • How can I get notice of how to join this conference? I just had a link to this website forwarded to me, and I am very interested in attending. I am the City Attorney for the City of Lewiston, Idaho. Thank you!

  • Stu Chapman

    Good idea to have this. Just saw the beginnings of one of the 150′ towers along I-294 in Lake County, north of Chicago, over the weekend. Tower itself was up, antenna array under construction.

  • As soon as I have the registration information, I’ll post it here.


  • How can we call into the conference today??

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