Congratulations to CALWA, the California Wireless Association on 10 Years

The California Wireless Association (CALWA) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I am delighted.

As a ‘government guy’ you might ask why I care about the state’s wireless industry association.  Well, as it happens, I was one of its very first members, believing then, and now, that bridges are better than gulfs.  CALWA reached out to welcome local government officials into its ranks, and over the years, I have encouraged local government officials to join CALWA.  I continue to do so today.

CALWA runs annual education seminars worth attending, especially when they ask Tripp or yours truly to speak.*  They also throw some great holiday parties.  Although I lack the golf gene, I’m told their golfing events are pretty cool.

If you are a local government official in California and want to have access to an important (if a wee-bit biased) wireless information resource, go ahead and join CALWA.



* Hey, CALWA, it’s been a while since you invited me.  Just ask!  🙂


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