First the IRS was after me…now it’s the FBI!

I must be a really bad person (well, perhaps to some wireless infrastructure companies…ahem).

First, the IRS was after me, now it’s the FBI.

Oh my…oh my…oh my!

Oddly, when I called back and told the “agent” I was recording the call all I heard was <click>!  How rude of them to hang up on me when they’re trying to arrest me.  NOT FAIR!


1 comment to First the IRS was after me…now it’s the FBI!

  • Red

    Ladies and gentlemen! This should serve as an example of what can happen to you when you become a Jedi!!! When you start a fight with the dark side, you’ve got to FINISH it, or the kingdom of darkness will finish “YOU!!!!”

    Dr. Kramer, I can only HOPE that you’re not now doing hard time in the Federal Pen.

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