Small Cell and Personal Pleasure Stash

We work for a heck of a lot of governments reviewing small cells and macro cell site applications for the public right of way, and for private property.  Over the last two decades, my staff and I have reviewed and commented on thousands of wireless site applications for our government clients.

One of our many local government clients called in to tell us that we would NOT be receiving a particular small cell siting project application to review.


It turns out that an wireless permit applicant from a REALLY BIG turf vendor representing a REALLY BIG wireless carrier walked in to City Hall and delivered to the Planning counter a new small cell wireless application in hard copy and electronic format.  The electronic version of the application was tendered via a USB Flash Drive (commonly called a USB stick), just like the one in the photo.  Well, without the embossed title. Fees were paid; a receipt was issued; and thanks were exchanged.

So far so good.

Later, a member of the Planning staff took the stick and thrust it into her computer’s socket with the intent that what was inside should shoot out the end of the stick thus joining to become part of the City’s Planning computer system.  Once the stick’s contents were fully transferred to the computer, the expected stick ejection occurred. It didn’t take long, but there was happiness for a job completed.

But unlike most stick to socket encounters, this one produced a very undesired result.

Not only did the stick eject the application, it also pumped out many, many files with file names suggesting they contained, ah, very personal videos.

This undesired encounter made staff confused, angry, and then worried.

Staff turned over the stick to the jurisdiction’s police department.

Later, no doubt after reviewing every file to check for illegal activities, the police contacted the Planning staff and suggested that the applicant never again be allowed to ever step foot inside City Hall.

I assume the police also meant that no other portions of the applicant’s body parts should be allowed in, either.

I don’t know how the Staff’s phone call to the applicant went, but I’m sure the applicant will heed the City’s admonition.

The immoral of this story?

(Really, you expected I’d have to lay-it-out for you?)




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