My 9/11 Story – Updated

(Note: I originally posted a shorter version of this story on 9/11/12, some 7 years ago today. This year I add many more details to round out some of the edges. -jlk)

On this important day, like many others, I offer my ‘where were you on 9/11?” story.

I was having a quiet breakfast when . . . → Read More: My 9/11 Story – Updated


When Wireless Firms Hire Electeds

In my view, there is (at the very least least) a fundamental ethical disconnect when local government elected officials then get hired by wireless firms, and then use their elected position in connection with promoting the wireless industry agenda nearby jurisdictions. This is not like an elected operating a local pharmacy, and being greeted with, . . . → Read More: When Wireless Firms Hire Electeds


No Action on RF Safety at FCC’s Sept ’19 Meeting

Regardless of what Chairman Pai said a few weeks ago, the published agenda for the Commission’s September 2019 does NOT contain any item related to revising RF safety standards. Stay tuned.


Ajit Pai: Loc Govs Delay Small Cell Sites

FCC Chair: Local Govs are Small Cell Problem

On August 28, 2019, FCC Chairman Pai spoke at the University of Mississippi Tech Summit, including about small cell installations.

Not so buried within his prepared comments was a window into the Chairman’s approach to perpetuating his role as chief wireless industry cheerleader, rather than the chief . . . → Read More: Ajit Pai: Loc Govs Delay Small Cell Sites