Looking for my Car? Ask Steve Allen.

If you are looking for my car, just find this license plate:

I selected this style of license plate to honor my old friend, Steve Allen. Besides, it’s a good cause to support via my annual tag fees.


Rarer than the Loch Ness Monster: the Mono-Scaffold Wireless Tower!

The elusive and never-before photographed Mono-Scaffold wireless tower. Click to enlarge.

It is rare that I have the privilege of capturing a never-before documented wireless tower design. Yet fate has chosen to grace me by allowing me to find, in the wild, this most elusive of wireless tower designs…

…the Mono-Scaffold!

While hereto-now . . . → Read More: Rarer than the Loch Ness Monster: the Mono-Scaffold Wireless Tower!


T-Mobile’s Clever Way to Camo a Polish Cell Site

What better way for T-Mobile to promote its wireless service than to turn a cell site into a billboard advertisement for T-Mobile’s wireless service. It’s kind of a ‘two-fer.’

This billboard/cell site is located west of the Morawica area of Poland, just west of John Paul II International Airport (the Krakow, Poland Airport) on E462.

. . . → Read More: T-Mobile’s Clever Way to Camo a Polish Cell Site


New Photos in Cell Tower Gallery

Last month I traveled to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico to participate on a wireless law panel and to visit with friends. While there I had a chance to take a series of new site photos in Santa Fe, and to add to the Twisted Tower photo collection.

Here are a few examples that . . . → Read More: New Photos in Cell Tower Gallery


Simple Stylish Scottsdale Site

Camouflaging a wireless site is not simply about hiding the antennas. Sometimes its about designing and locating the panel antenna enclosure to fit the existing architectural surroundings. Here’s an example at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in, of all places, Scottsdale, Arizona (I was in Scottsdale a few days ago on business).

The antenna panels . . . → Read More: Simple Stylish Scottsdale Site


Wireless Vultures!

Many have claimed that wireless towers are unfriendly to birds, and that wireless carriers are vultures.

Nope, not true!

Here are the real wireless vultures! In a twist, a couple of days ago I stumbled across a tower in Pittsburg, California that is very friendly to birds. Vultures, that is. By my count, there were . . . → Read More: Wireless Vultures!


A Truly Twisted Cell Tower

Attention creative wireless site planners: A truly twisted cell tower has risen from a mesa in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This uniquely designed multi-carrier cell tower constructed in the Mesa del Sol area in Albuquerque, New Mexico, just south of the airport.

The architect for this site is Dekker/Perich/Sabatini.

This site isn’t quite . . . → Read More: A Truly Twisted Cell Tower


Elements of Wireless Design

In yet another in my occasional series of “elements of wireless design” I’d like to share with you an outstanding design developed by the City of Piedmont, California and T-Mobile.

Excellent T-Mobile Camo Site in Piedmont, California

The antennas are hidden behind the faux vents in the bell tower. The equipment is inside . . . → Read More: Elements of Wireless Design


Many New Cell Site Images

I’ve been on a bit of a tear recently taking and adding new photos to the planner gallery. If you haven’t visited the gallery lately, please do stop by and take a look around.

You may CLICK HERE to visit the gallery, or you can click on that really big picture above this posting!


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No, it’s not the worlds largest cell site.

It is the worlds largest cell site…no, sorry, kidding…it’s the worlds largest monolithic rock, for decades called Ayers, and now (again) by its traditional name, Uluru.

I took this photo about 48 hours ago, just before sunset.

This is a spiritual and quiet place (when away from us tourists).


(Click on the photo for . . . → Read More: No, it’s not the worlds largest cell site.