Congratulations Sean Heath, MAI

Tripp and I, and the others here at the firm are delighted to share Sean Heath’s excellent news: He just learned that he passed all of the elements required to be certified as a MAI, a Member of the Appraisal Institute. He’s already a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

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The IRS is After Me! Gosh, I’m Scared!

I received the following partial voicemail from the IRS. Apparently, I have done something to make them mad at me. I’m afraid. Yup. Really afraid.

I’m heading for the hills right now!


California: PUC Sec. 7901/7901.1 Loc. Gov. Aesthetic Control Upheld

Today the California Court of Appeal (1st) affirmed the trial decision in T-Mobile v. San Francisco (San Francisco City and County Super. Ct. No. CGC-11-510703).* That decision held that local governments in California have rather broad aesthetic control over wireless facilities in the public right-of-way.

This decision is hot off the press, so a deep . . . → Read More: California: PUC Sec. 7901/7901.1 Loc. Gov. Aesthetic Control Upheld


Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer, Esq., JD, LL.M, DLP

I’m very pleased (and relieved) to report that this morning I successfully defended my doctoral thesis, “Cell Towers, Community Perspectives, and Hedonic Price Modeling: Utility, Limitations, and Localism.” It was wonderful the be greeted with, “Congratulations, Doctor Kramer” when the three thesis committee members came back from their private discussions after my defense.

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Goodbye, Jenn Ward

Jenn Ward of Lorman Education Services was taken from us last Saturday night. Yet another victim of senseless gun violence, she was a kind heart wrapped in a caring body who protected the lives of her children by giving up her own. She was truly a human being.

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Anyone receive a cease and desist letter?

It appears that a certain wireless construction company has directed its attorneys to send cease-and-desist letters to people who have a different view from their own. Apparently several letters hit their targets yesterday or the day before.

If you happen to receive one, congratulations and thanks for your public participation in an important national . . . → Read More: Anyone receive a cease and desist letter?


Mobilitie’s Latest Awful Design in Los Angeles

Just when I thought Mobilitie had secured the position of worst in design, they proved me wrong. Mobilitie has outdone themselves with a new low in aesthetic design, here in Los Angeles on Vermont Avenue at Wilshire Boulevard. I’ve posted about 50 photos of this site in the Mobilitie Gallery at


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Smart People at Smartlink

Yesterday, June 24, Tripp May, Michael Johnston, and I lectured to about 60 team members of Smartlink, a major site acquisition firm. Smartly, Smartlink conducts ongoing training of its professional staff via its ‘Smartlink University’ program. Even smarter, we were asked by Smartlink to provide guidance to their staff in multiple locations around the country . . . → Read More: Smart People at Smartlink


A Massive Land Grab by Wireless Hits California Legislature

Assembly Member Mike Gatto

The elected official, along with his wireless industry patrons, who Wants to Put A Cell Tower in Your Front Yard WITHOUT Any Local Government Discretionary or Aesthetic Review.


Assembly member Mike Gatto introduced legislation on June 13 on behalf of his wireless industry patrons that would . . . → Read More: A Massive Land Grab by Wireless Hits California Legislature


Stephen Garcia is Getting Better

I’m very happy to report that Stephen Garcia of Crown Castle in doing much, much better after surgery. This week I heard from one of his coworkers that his recovery is continuing and gaining speed. I could not be more delighted by this good news.

After my earlier posting, I had the joy of speaking . . . → Read More: Stephen Garcia is Getting Better