Wireless Siting Professionals: A Vanishing Breed?

I’ve been talking with a number of my friends who are in the wireless siting business as contractors. These are the people, mostly independent contractors, who show up at the planning counter to file siting projects representing the wireless carriers. They perform important functions in the wireless permitting process. I have great respect for the . . . → Read More: Wireless Siting Professionals: A Vanishing Breed?


Wireless Industry Trying Again to Force Unregulated Collocation

You might think that the Payroll Tax Bill being hashed out in the Conference Committee would deal with, well, payroll taxes. Alas, you’d be wrong.

The wireless industry is trying very hard to insert language into the final version of the Bill that would strip state and local governments of the ability to control modifications . . . → Read More: Wireless Industry Trying Again to Force Unregulated Collocation


DAS Beware of Bright House’s Bright Idea

Bright House, a major cable TV “multiple system operator” (MSO) is joining other cable operators by deploying 2,000 WiFi nodes in its Florida systems. Following the usual MSO model, Bright House is offering its service for fee to its subscribers, and on a paid basis to others. It seems likely that BelAir Networks will be . . . → Read More: DAS Beware of Bright House’s Bright Idea


New Photos in Cell Tower Gallery

Last month I traveled to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico to participate on a wireless law panel and to visit with friends. While there I had a chance to take a series of new site photos in Santa Fe, and to add to the Twisted Tower photo collection.

Here are a few examples that . . . → Read More: New Photos in Cell Tower Gallery

AGL Magazine

DAS All Folks!

Published in today’s AGL DAS Bulletin: “Predictions 2012: DAS All Folks!” by yours truly.

If you’re in cable TV industry, the wireless industry, or the DAS industry, you may be surprised by my predictions about the intersection of cable TV and wireless services, and the potential impact on DAS. You may even agree!

. . . → Read More: DAS All Folks!


Simple Stylish Scottsdale Site

Camouflaging a wireless site is not simply about hiding the antennas. Sometimes its about designing and locating the panel antenna enclosure to fit the existing architectural surroundings. Here’s an example at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in, of all places, Scottsdale, Arizona (I was in Scottsdale a few days ago on business).

The antenna panels . . . → Read More: Simple Stylish Scottsdale Site


TWC Deploys WiFi in SoCal

Coming to (or already arrived at) a utility pole really near you in Southern California… Time Warner’s new WiFi system!

With $15M of new strand-mounted WiFi access point equipment supplied by BelAir Networks, this new network is apparently intended to provided wide area WiFi coverage in TWC’s service areas.

Presently, TWC’s SoCal deployment is spotty . . . → Read More: TWC Deploys WiFi in SoCal

AGL Magazine

When (Wireless) Worlds Collide…Will Site Landlords Get $quashed?

Today’s (4/15/11) AGL Bulletin carries a buried-lead story about Sprint’s deployment of new, flexible base stations that are multi-modal, multi-band, and potentially multi-user.

Faced with Data Surge, Carriers to ‘Feed the Beast’ with Base Station Innovation

Noting the importance of scale, spectrum and innovation, representatives of Sprint Nextel and Clearwire discussed how the growth of . . . → Read More: When (Wireless) Worlds Collide…Will Site Landlords Get $quashed?


lightRadio? Really?!

Bell Labs has unveiled its lightRadio cell site in a cube system. It’s received a lot of press from around the world over the past few weeks about it being ‘THE NEXT BIG THINK TO KILL OFF TRADITIONAL CELL SITES.’

Well, maybe not.

Digging a bit deeper into the apparent technology underpinning the system produces . . . → Read More: lightRadio? Really?!


‘Mr. Gorbachev tear down this NextG pole!’

On January 10, Lori and Michael DiMarco of the Long Island Town of Brookhaven, New York found that they had a new neighbor in front of their home; a 40 foot tall black wireless antenna pole.

Who would perpetrate such a dastardly deed? Who’s construction crew allegedly lied to the homeowner about what was being . . . → Read More: ‘Mr. Gorbachev tear down this NextG pole!’