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MediaFlo FCC Licenses go to AT&T for LTE

AT&T and MediaFLO have signed an agreement for AT&T to purchase MediaFLO’s 700 MHz licenses. The sales price is reported to be nearly $1.93 billion.

AT&T will use the new bandwidth to supplement its LTE data offerings starting in 2011.

iPhone/iPad users should be jumping for joy as this will help take the pressure off . . . → Read More: MediaFlo FCC Licenses go to AT&T for LTE

AT&T Wireless

DAS Real Good for AT&T Wrieless

AT&T is feverishly deploying Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks in large sports venues and shopping centers. Lately it has deployed DAS systems at:

Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (150 DAS nodes)

Boone Pickens Stadium (92 nodes)

Gallagher-Iba Arena (24 new nodes added to existing network)

Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, VA.

. . . → Read More: DAS Real Good for AT&T Wrieless

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Cows in Action!

That’s COWs as in Cells on Wheels. I was digging through my collection of cell site photos and ran across a few I hadn’t posted from the October 2007 fires in Orange County. I’ve added a few photos of AT&T’s cow, and Nextel’s 20KW portable generator. The photos are in the in the COWs . . . → Read More: Cows in Action!

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Forrester Research: When all Phones Are Smart…

…none are.

Forrester Research has just released the first in a series of reports on “SmartPhones” concluding that so many mid-range phones now have smart features, it’s hard to define what a really smart phone is these days.

“All mobile handsets are becoming smarter and Internet-capable. Yesterday’s smart high-end phone is today’s midrange phone and . . . → Read More: Forrester Research: When all Phones Are Smart…

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Traffic, Talking, and Early Termination

Several recent articles have appeared linking cell phone usage while driving (or merely walking on the streets) to a higher rate of traffic-related deaths.

In an article titled, “Danger of Cell Phone Use: While Walking Or Driving, Cell Phones Increase Traffic, Pedestrian Fatalities” published in Science Daily on March 8, 2009, several new studies . . . → Read More: Traffic, Talking, and Early Termination

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Kramer: Ahhh-uhhhh-ahhhh-da-da-da

Yes, that’s your host imitating the sound you hear in an A.M. radio when your cell phone is on and is near the radio.

I was interviewed last year by O’Reilly Media’s James Turner. He has an Apple I-Phone which he’s not too happy with. He interviewed me regarding that buzzing you hear when you . . . → Read More: Kramer: Ahhh-uhhhh-ahhhh-da-da-da


So, you don’t like your wireless store sales clerk?

J.D. Power and Associates has released their 2008 report on consumer satisfaction with wireless retail sales. It turns out that if you’re with Verizon or its newly purchased (consumed?) Alltel unit, then you’re

among the happiest customers. It’s another story altogether if you have Sprint Nextel.

But look closely at the scale: On the 1,000 . . . → Read More: So, you don’t like your wireless store sales clerk?

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It’s all about the iPhone, baby!

Okay, there, I’ve created a post about the iPhone 3G. I guess I had to.

Alright, it’s great technology.

Yeah, it’s a hip device.

Sure, the new one is cheaper than the original, but isn’t that always the case?

Uh, huh, there are many new features (including what appears to be a very smart GPS . . . → Read More: It’s all about the iPhone, baby!

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Hands Free Comes to the Golden State

Welcome to California. Now put down the cell phone when you’re driving. That law is now in effect here in the Golden State. No warning period; just get a ticket.

Now that this law is in effect, if you are in a fatal accident (with other than you being the fatality), you can be charged . . . → Read More: Hands Free Comes to the Golden State

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Lost the Edge?

Edge Wireless has been absorbed by AT&T Wireless when it purchased the outstanding 64% of the stock of the firm.

Edge was formed in 1999 by Wayne Perry (a member of the Board of Directors and a former Vice Chairman of of AT&T Wireless), Cal Cannon and Donnie Castleman (alums execs of McCaw Cellular).

Edge . . . → Read More: Lost the Edge?