Clearwire: “You’re Such a Dish!”

Now it gets interesting.

As I previously reported, (Soft)Sprint is trying to buy up the shares of Clearwire not already owned by Sprint. They offered $2.97 per share.

Enter, now, Dish Network with an unsolicited offer to purchase Clearwire at $3.30 per share.

Needless to say, Sprint’s not too impressed with the Dish offer.

Now . . . → Read More: Clearwire: “You’re Such a Dish!”


Clearwire to sink from sight/site

(Updated 4:41 p.m.; added AGL Magazine story link.)

Well, it’s almost over. Clearwire, that is.

Clearwire will sink from site, er, from sight as SoftSprint (or someone else depending on the investor law suits will will claim insufficient value to be paid by Sprint) ponies up the relatively small bucks to buy the rest of . . . → Read More: Clearwire to sink from sight/site


T-Metro Says It Will Shutter 10,000 MetroPCS sites if…

…their merger is approved by the federal government. This represents about 87% of all of the MetroPCS sites, excluding the DAS nodes. MetroPCS estimates that this will save them…really, T-Mobile…about $7B in site lease costs.

Doing some back-of-the-napkin calculations based on a 25 year average term, a $7B savings would work out to average blended . . . → Read More: T-Metro Says It Will Shutter 10,000 MetroPCS sites if…


Did Sprint+Network Vision-Lightsquared = Sprint+Clearwire+Softbank?

I’ve been thinking about why Sprint has now decided to sell itself to Softbank.

It seems to me that one possible answer would be to blame Clearwire and then LightSquared.

Clearwire was to be Sprint’s first (but not last) 4G answer, but WiMax never took off. In fact, the only thing about Clearwire that took . . . → Read More: Did Sprint+Network Vision-Lightsquared = Sprint+Clearwire+Softbank?


Bye-bye, Sprint. Hello New Sprint?

Here are key details of Softbank’s purchase of 70% of Sprint:

Details of New Sprint


4 a.m. EDT Webcast: Is Sprint going…going…gone?


Just sent out by Sprint…a 4 a.m. press conference? Seems like they’re about to announce their deal with ________________.


Sprint to Hold Webcast

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), October 15, 2012 – Sprint (NYSE: S) will hold a special webcast at 4:00 a.m. ET on October 15, 2012. Interested investors, analysts and . . . → Read More: 4 a.m. EDT Webcast: Is Sprint going…going…gone?

AGL Magazine

Jonathan Atkin on the pending T-Metro marriage

Jonathan Atkin analyzes the wireless sector for RBC Capital Markets, LLC.

Better put, Jon dissects the wireless sector, looking at the players, numbers, and technologies in multiple contexts and from multiple angles spotting nuances leading to a much deeper and more complete worldview of wireless.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Jon present at . . . → Read More: Jonathan Atkin on the pending T-Metro marriage


Nextel kick’n ‘um on the way out…

As you may have heard, Sprint Nextel is shuttering a substantial number of its legacy Nextel iDEN tower sites. These sites are no longer necessary in light of Sprint decommissioning of the Nextel iDEN service and combining technologies through its grand Network Vision Project (for more on Network Vision, click here).

For impacted Nextel tower . . . → Read More: Nextel kick’n ‘um on the way out…


Sprint Moves to Meter Data Services

It looks like Sprint is moving to charging for data by the MB.

The first step Sprint has taken is to kill its unlimited mobile hotspot and tethering plans. Now, unlimited for Sprint’s formerly unlimited users, this means up to 5GB per month. Then Sprint ‘drops the flag’ and start the meter running at 5 . . . → Read More: Sprint Moves to Meter Data Services

AT&T Wireless

Sprint(ing) Forward to 800 MHz LTE

The FCC has granted Sprint’s request to allow it to deploy LTE services in its 800 MHz band assignments.

This is a big deal, both for Sprint and for LTE deployment as the de facto 4G-ish standard.

The FCC’s decision (found HERE) allows Sprint to re-purpose its Nextel 800 MHz spectrum (the old iDEN band) . . . → Read More: Sprint(ing) Forward to 800 MHz LTE