Cable TV Operators

Verizon Buying Comcast? Good idea, sort of.

Rumors are circulating that Verizon is considering buying Comcast. Largely ignoring the horrible public policy and anti-competitive issues, the deal would make sense from various technology standpoints.


Comcast runs one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the U.S. Verizon needs Wi-Fi as a critical element of offloading traffic from its cellular/PCS/AWS networks. Cellular nodes, . . . → Read More: Verizon Buying Comcast? Good idea, sort of.

AT&T Wireless

Sprint(ing) Forward to 800 MHz LTE

The FCC has granted Sprint’s request to allow it to deploy LTE services in its 800 MHz band assignments.

This is a big deal, both for Sprint and for LTE deployment as the de facto 4G-ish standard.

The FCC’s decision (found HERE) allows Sprint to re-purpose its Nextel 800 MHz spectrum (the old iDEN band) . . . → Read More: Sprint(ing) Forward to 800 MHz LTE

AT&T Wireless

Might Apple buy Sprint?

Okay, it sounds wild, but let’s look at this for a bit…

Sprint has committed $15B to Apple in connection with securing rights to market the iPhone to Sprint’s subscribers (let’s not talk about the newest Apple product, the iHeatingPad). That’s a lot of cash, and I’ll bet that Apple’s contract leave virtually no room . . . → Read More: Might Apple buy Sprint?


Text the U.S.A. From (the Backseat of) Your Chevrolet

Not only can OnStar (the in-vehicle mobile phone system) unlock your car doors, tell you where to go, help you deliver a baby, and propose to your girlfriend, soon, OnStar will also pull up your favorite movies as well as text your mother, all at the same time.

OnStar is showing off its new navigation . . . → Read More: Text the U.S.A. From (the Backseat of) Your Chevrolet

AT&T Wireless

Buddy, can you spare $9B?

Please feed the T-Mobile Kitty. (Photo illustration by Jonathan Kramer)

So T-Mobile, recently left at the alter by AT&T, is now looking for $9B to build out a LTE network that can compete with AT&T.

T-Mobile has a great start towards its goal when you consider that AT&T gave it $4B as a . . . → Read More: Buddy, can you spare $9B?

FCC Shot Clock

AGL Bulletin: Lawsuit Tests Mettle of FCC Shot Clock

The following is from today’s edition of the AGL Bulletin. A subscription link is below the article.

Verizon Wireless has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Irondequoit in the U.S. District Court, Western District of New York, concerning inaction on a proposed cell tower in the upstate New York town. It appears to be . . . → Read More: AGL Bulletin: Lawsuit Tests Mettle of FCC Shot Clock


VZ, VZW Steps Up For Japan

Verizon Offers Free Calls to Japan From March 11 to April 10

Verizon Wireless Customers Can Text to Japan for Free

NEW YORK – March 14, 2011 – To help its customers contact loved ones in the aftermath of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, Verizon is enabling most wireless and residential customers to make free . . . → Read More: VZ, VZW Steps Up For Japan

AT&T Wireless

Free AT&T In-Home Microcell?

Findlaw is reporting that AT&T Wireless is offering some of its customers a free in-home microcell (sometimes called a femtocell) … for customer who repeatedly complain about dropped calls.

According to Findlaw, “If you have complained to AT&T about your coverage or have used their application to report dropped calls, you are likely to be . . . → Read More: Free AT&T In-Home Microcell?


Verizon’s iPHONE is here, sort of…

Today, as expected, Verizon announced the imminent availability of the super-duper Verizon iPhone.

(Pssssst….Don’t tell anyone, but…) The first generation of VZW iPhones won’t be able to access Verizon’s 4G-ish Long Term Evolution (“LTE”) network.

Essentially, the early adopters of Verizon’s iPhones will have a three-speed transmission.

Fast at three speeds?

Yeah, sort of, but . . . → Read More: Verizon’s iPHONE is here, sort of…

AT&T Wireless

2011 Prediction: AT&T Data Network to Speed Up

I predict that AT&T’s data network will experience a noticeable increase in throughput speed throughout 2011. That’s great news for AT&T, and they can thank Verizon for helping to achieve that goal.

Of course, while AT&T struggles to deploy its LTE network, it’s goal of speeding its network will be aided in no small part . . . → Read More: 2011 Prediction: AT&T Data Network to Speed Up