A Truly Twisted Cell Tower

Attention creative wireless site planners: A truly twisted cell tower has risen from a mesa in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This uniquely designed multi-carrier cell tower constructed in the Mesa del Sol area in Albuquerque, New Mexico, just south of the airport.

The architect for this site is Dekker/Perich/Sabatini.

This site isn’t quite . . . → Read More: A Truly Twisted Cell Tower


How to Spoil A New Mexico View

Here’s a gem of a cell tower that literally towers over an otherwise beautiful desert and mountain landscape along I-25 south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This tower is 150 feet tall, and completely towers over everything in the view of the drivers along this stretch of I-25. For those of you who . . . → Read More: How to Spoil A New Mexico View

Wireless Site Design

Elements of (Wireless) Style

(This post is another entry in an occasional series on Wireless Siting Design Style by Jonathan L. Kramer, Wireless attorney, planner, and advisor to hundreds of local governments in the U.S. )

In wireless planning, it’s often the little things that can make a big difference to the visual outcome of a . . . → Read More: Elements of (Wireless) Style


Permitting A Snowman (A Zoning View)

Thanks to Julian Quattlebaum III of the Channel Law Group for sending this along!

Outside of the USA

G’day from Down Under

Report from Melbourne (pronounced “Mel-Bun”) Australia. Day 2 (since day 1 was mostly travel from L.A. to Brisbane (pronounced “Bris-Bun”).

Cell sites everywhere, but virtually none are camouflaged. Found only one today.

I’ll be posting photos in the gallery soon after returning back to the U.S. Maybe sooner.

-Jonathan (at 3:30 P.M. Sunday 10/11/09 . . . → Read More: G’day from Down Under


Protected: Client Report: Important Deployment Update

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Wireless Site Design

New Cell Site Photos from Arizona

I’ve just posted a group of new camo wireless site photos from a recent trip to Arizona. These photos include several mono-cross photos; and flagpole and mono(blah)-palm photos. Check out the newest photos in the Gallery.

Click on the banner link, above, or on the large photo above and you’ll be transported to the gallery.

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CPUC Investigates Allegations of T-Mobile Sites Without Permits

As reported by staff writer Seth Rosenfeld in the San Francisco Chronicle (Aug 30, 2008, Page C-1), the California Public Utiltiies Commission is investigating whether T-Mobile has been constructing cell sites in Northern California without following local building laws.

The article quotes Susan Carothers, a CPUC spokesperson who said, “CPUC staff is looking into allegations . . . → Read More: CPUC Investigates Allegations of T-Mobile Sites Without Permits


T-Mobile’s Plan to Construct A Cemetery Cell Dies

T-Mobile’s plans to construct a new cell site at an old cemetery in Stoneham, MA have died. Omnipoint Communications, T-Mobile’s parent proposed an 80-foot tower in St. Patrick Parish’s cemetery at Broadway and MacArthur Road. See the Google Street View map below for a photo. View a Google Street Map of the Site

According to . . . → Read More: T-Mobile’s Plan to Construct A Cemetery Cell Dies


Does your cell phone give away your location?

That’s a common question, and the simple answer is, ‘sometimes yes; sometime no.’

Cell phones regularly transmit update information back to the mobile telephone switching office (MTSO). This data is sent when you turn on your phone, at regular intervals while the phone is turned on but not in use, and when you turn off . . . → Read More: Does your cell phone give away your location?