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Sprint Nextel = Racketeer?

In a class action suit filed by Jerald D. Crawford against Sprint Nextel Corporation, Mr. Crawford asserts that:

“Throughout the Class Period, as defined below, the Defendant originated, designed, implemented, and executed a policy, a form or established pattern and practice and/or course of conduct, by and which it would transmit via federal interstate . . . → Read More: Sprint Nextel = Racketeer?

New Uploads in Photo Gallery

I’ve just added some new photos in the photo gallery. Some interesting camo sites, and some non-camo sites (one of which is a very silly parking lot light standard).

You can visit the gallery by clicking here.

Florida Attorney General Helps AT&T Wireless Define “Free”

It seems like AT&T Wireless (Cingular) had a strange notion about the definition of the word, “free” as it applies to certain downloadable content such as ringtones and SMS messages. Lucky that the Florida Attorney General could figure it out for AT&T for a settlement of $2.5 Million, which certainly isn’t free!

From the Florida . . . → Read More: Florida Attorney General Helps AT&T Wireless Define “Free”

Sprint offers Simply Everything

Sprint has now taken out its hammer to help flatten the plan world. In a shocking and unexpected move, which Sprint calls “Revolutionary” (NOT), it is offering a me-too $99.99 plan. But they do have a clever name, “Simply Everything.”

Here’s their PR puff:

Sprint Launches Revolutionary $99.99 ”Simply Everything(SM)” PlanPlan Defines Simplicity, . . . → Read More: Sprint offers Simply Everything

Qwest may see help sailing into view over the Verizon

Okay, bad puns aside, and as a follow-up to my prior posting, Verizon Wireless is talking with Qwest about a wholesale (resale) agreement. Given Verizon’s network coverage, that makes a lot of sense.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Qwest’s Verizon negotiations will help Sprint sprint to a solution.

From pun central, I’m Jonathan Kramer . . . → Read More: Qwest may see help sailing into view over the Verizon

Qwest is on a Qwest for a New Wireless Partner

Qwest CEO Ed Mueller is reportedly looking for a new wireless partner to supplement (perhaps replace?) the existing deal with Sprint/Nextel. Qwest does not have its own wireless network, so it’s stuck as a reseller.

If you’re Sprint/Nextel’s CEO, and the CEO of a major reseller…oh, let’s call the reseller Qwest…says in an analysts meeting . . . → Read More: Qwest is on a Qwest for a New Wireless Partner

Cell Siting News 2/25/2008

Taliban demand night-time cell tower shutdown Register – London,England,UK Reportedly the hardline Islamic militia believes that cell towers are being used to locate and track Taliban gunmen. The BBC quotes Taliban spokesman …

Concern over the amount of cell phone towers AM900 CHML – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) – There’s . . . → Read More: Cell Siting News 2/25/2008

Yes, the world really is getting FLATTER.

T-Mobile has jumped on the $99.99 flat-rate bandwagon.

Following Verizon’s and AT&T’s lead, T-Mobile has said:

BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 19, 2007 – T-Mobile USA, Inc., announces today that it will offer consumers a plan that includes unlimited nationwide wireless calling and unlimited nationwide messaging for $99.99 per month. This offer will be available beginning Thursday, . . . → Read More: Yes, the world really is getting FLATTER.

Apple iPhone Field Test Mode

You know you want it.

You know you need it.

Yeah, it’s the secret FIELD TEST menu buried deep inside your Apple iPhone. Once you reach the menu by ‘dialing’ the code *3001#12345#* and then pressing the send button, you find yourself facing the top level menu of the test mode.

The photo to . . . → Read More: Apple iPhone Field Test Mode

Birds/NEPA 1, FCC/CTIA 0

Today, the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed an FCC order regarding tower siting as being in violation of the proper NEPA standard.

The case caption and introduction are below, followed by a PDF of the decision.


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