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We’re pleased to be listed on‘s list of 100 Top Telecom Industry Blogs. They said,

Jonathan Kramer on Wireless Tower Siting: If any one blog really fits the “Niche” category, this is it. Kramer set this blog up over a decade ago because he knew “that government and private wireless planners are very visual . . . → Read More: Recognizes

Lost the Edge?

Edge Wireless has been absorbed by AT&T Wireless when it purchased the outstanding 64% of the stock of the firm.

Edge was formed in 1999 by Wayne Perry (a member of the Board of Directors and a former Vice Chairman of of AT&T Wireless), Cal Cannon and Donnie Castleman (alums execs of McCaw Cellular).

Edge . . . → Read More: Lost the Edge?

New Gallery Photos

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of new photos to the camouflaged section of the cell site gallery. To view the photos, just click on the large photo at the top of the page, and then select the camouflage site gallery.


T-Mobile sues City of San Bernardino, California

T-Mobile (Omnipoint Communications, Inc.) has sued the City of San Bernardino, California alleging violations of 47 U.S.C. 332(c)(7)(B)(iii) and 47 U.S.C. 332(c)(7)(B)(i)(I) of the “Federal Telecommunications Act of 1966 (sic)”, as well as alleging a violation of the U.S. Constitution Supremacy Clause.

The suit, filed by T-Mobile on March 20, 2008, concerns a City denial . . . → Read More: T-Mobile sues City of San Bernardino, California

DWW: The new offense, brought to you by AT&T and MediaFLO

Soon you’ll be able to speed down the highway who watching AT&T’s TV two-channel service on your mobile phone. Call it “Driving While Watching” (DWW).

“Gee, Judge, I really wanted to see the whole episode of Lost, so that’s why I accidentally hit that old lady crossing the street. Sure the light was red, but . . . → Read More: DWW: The new offense, brought to you by AT&T and MediaFLO

Eco-friendly MonoPalm in St. Lucia? Not really.

Cable and Wireless must get the prize for its odd attempt to position a fairly ugly monopalm as being eco-friendly.

This poorly designed monopalm is located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

Poorly designed? Well, yes. Let take a close look at C&W’s monopine in the photo:

1. The monopalm has its antennas . . . → Read More: Eco-friendly MonoPalm in St. Lucia? Not really.

Sprint Nextel = Racketeer?

In a class action suit filed by Jerald D. Crawford against Sprint Nextel Corporation, Mr. Crawford asserts that:

“Throughout the Class Period, as defined below, the Defendant originated, designed, implemented, and executed a policy, a form or established pattern and practice and/or course of conduct, by and which it would transmit via federal interstate . . . → Read More: Sprint Nextel = Racketeer?

New Uploads in Photo Gallery

I’ve just added some new photos in the photo gallery. Some interesting camo sites, and some non-camo sites (one of which is a very silly parking lot light standard).

You can visit the gallery by clicking here.

Florida Attorney General Helps AT&T Wireless Define “Free”

It seems like AT&T Wireless (Cingular) had a strange notion about the definition of the word, “free” as it applies to certain downloadable content such as ringtones and SMS messages. Lucky that the Florida Attorney General could figure it out for AT&T for a settlement of $2.5 Million, which certainly isn’t free!

From the Florida . . . → Read More: Florida Attorney General Helps AT&T Wireless Define “Free”

Sprint offers Simply Everything

Sprint has now taken out its hammer to help flatten the plan world. In a shocking and unexpected move, which Sprint calls “Revolutionary” (NOT), it is offering a me-too $99.99 plan. But they do have a clever name, “Simply Everything.”

Here’s their PR puff:

Sprint Launches Revolutionary $99.99 ”Simply Everything(SM)” PlanPlan Defines Simplicity, . . . → Read More: Sprint offers Simply Everything