Kramer: Ahhh-uhhhh-ahhhh-da-da-da

Yes, that’s your host imitating the sound you hear in an A.M. radio when your cell phone is on and is near the radio.

I was interviewed last year by O’Reilly Media’s James Turner.  He has an Apple I-Phone which he’s not too happy with.  He interviewed me regarding that buzzing you hear when you place a cell phone near a radio.

Look, I do a lot of interviews, and frankly, I forgot about my interview by James.

Recently while Googling my name (admit it…you do, too!), I ran across James’s article, which ran at the O’Rielly web site (this is the link).

The neat part of the interview, which also featured Jeff Rodman, CTO and co-founder of Polycom (you know them for their world famous ‘starfish’ business grade speakerphones), is that you listen to the entire 10 minute broadcast by clicking here (opens a new window to play an MP3).



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