Photo Reprint Permission

Getting permission to reprint one (or more) of our photos is really easy…

Our photos have been used, with our prior written permission, in international and national magazines, as well as in corporate brochures and on web sites.

Generally, we license our photographs on a non-exclusive basis for a fee (except for governments…keep reading).

In some rare cases we will sell one of our photograph outright (all rights transferred.)

Reprints Permissions for Governments

Governments (but NOT their consultants or contractors) are granted a non-exclusive paid-up license to use photographs from this website in their planning reports so long as you do just three things:

  1. Send a message to us that you’re going to use one or more of our photos in your staff presentation or report; then
  2. Include the following copyright notice near the photos(s): Copyright © 1997-2016
    Used with permission.
  3. And finally… Send us a PDF of (or link to) your staff presentation or report.

Reprint Permissions for Others

If you are NOT a government agency (which include consultants working for government agencies), and you are interested in using one or more of our photographs, all of which are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, please visit the “Contact us” page shown to the left and fill out a contact form. Let us know what you’re interested in reprinting, and where, and how we can get in touch with you. We’ll get right back to you with a quote!

Note that photo licenses and sales are handled by Telecom Law Firm, PC.

We accept the following credit cards for stock photo licenses and purchases:

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Finally, we actively monitor the web to detect unauthorized usage of our copyrighted materials. Our photos are embedded with Digimarc coding. Please don’t force us to send you a nasty lawyer’s letter and a very large invoice for violating our copyright. We’ve done it before, and we’d rather not have to send you one.

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