Wireless Industry Trying to Add Small Cell Rules to Covid-19 Recovery Legislation

Word from Capitol Hill is that wireless industry lobbyists are pushing hard for inclusion of the text of the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act in Covid-19 stimulus legislation.

The STREAMLINE Act (which is better called the Steamroller Act), has been sharply opposed by local governments and our national organizations.  That act would codify in federal law the Federal Communications Commission’s small cell preemption regulations.  It would include adding into federal law a “deemed granted” penalty for shot clock overruns essentially regardless of the reason for the delay.  This ‘Christmas Tree Ornament’ inclusion of the Steamroller Act into vital legislation to get the economy going again would permanently constrain local governments’ decision making authority over small cell infrastructure, and the ability of local governments to charge appropriate compensation for the use of the public’s local rights of way.

It is vital that citizens and local governments reach out to their congressional delegations in both chambers to oppose its inclusion.

The National League of cities has a template opposition letter that can be used: See www.nlc.org/takeaction.