TWC Deploys WiFi in SoCal

Coming to (or already arrived at) a utility pole really near you in Southern California… Time Warner’s new WiFi system!

With $15M of new strand-mounted WiFi access point equipment supplied by BelAir Networks, this new network is apparently intended to provided wide area WiFi coverage in TWC’s service areas.

Presently, TWC’s SoCal deployment is spotty . . . → Read More: TWC Deploys WiFi in SoCal

AT&T Wireless


I have to wonder whether the following might happen:

1. The Department of Justice is successful in its suit to block the proposed AT&T&T merger or AT&T gives up, pays T-Mobile the $6B cancellation fee; and then

(….hear in your mind’s ear the ethereal sounds of harps and chimes….)

2. King Deutsche Telekom–disappointed at the . . . → Read More: SprinT-Mobile?