US Supreme Court DENIES Cert in Sprint v. San Diego, Level 3 v. St. Louis Cases

U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court

Today the U.S. Supreme Court denied cert in the Sprint v. County of San Diego and Level 3 v. St. Louis cases.

For local governments and telecom carriers in the 9th Circuit, this means that telecom carriers who want to challenge a zoning decision will in most ever case have to show that the local ordinance, AS APPLIED, acts as a prohibition to the provision of a telecom service.

Under the old, now overruled standard, a telecom carrier needed only to show that a local ordinance could prevent a provider from providing a telecom service (the so-called ‘facial attack’).

Tom Bunton, Esq., of the County Counsel’s office in San Diego is a hero to local governments.



Oui we do supply cell site photos!

Several times each year I receive queries about making cell site photos from my collection available for use in magazines and other publications.

I was contacted months ago by a French magazine, “LE NOUVEAU MAGAZINE DU PALAIS DE TOKYO” (“The New Magazine of the Palais of Tokyo”) to supply cell site photos for an issue of their magazine about electronic spying.  This one I said yes to!

On June 1, 2009 I received in the mail a couple of copies of the magazine, and found the article by Matt O’dell titled, “Manipulations des esprits mobiles” (translation: “Mobile Mind Control”).

The magazine did a wonderful job with the color separations and the printing in their magazine.

My favorite quote from the Matt’s article is, “One of the most extreme conspiracy beliefs is that the masts are operating as a giant network of mind control weapons: That they are a part of a sinister plan by global governments to control the population.”

Wonderful!   Click on magazine cover to visit their site.