Permits? We’re AT&T and we don’t need no stinkin’ permits!

TreasuremadreDobbs: “If you’re the cell phone company where are your permits?”
Gold Hat: “Permits? We ain’t got no permits. We don’t need no permits! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ permits!”     

     -with apologies to B. Traven and then John Huston

It seems that Ridgewood, New Jersey is non-to-happy with AT&T Wireless at the moment.

Can you guess why?

Well, according to a published report on, it seems like AT&T Wireless decided that it would forgo actually pulling permits for a COW (Cell on Wheels) which it parked and then set up at a local gas station in town.

A portion of the new report is telling. . .

According to AT&T’s public relations representative Ellen Webner, the tower, called a cell site on wheels or COW, is “in a temporary location while we work with the local community, zoning, on a permanent location.”

She did not comment when asked to explain why the village was not previously notified by AT&T about the tower.

“We are now working with the town through zoning and going through all proper procedures,” Webner said.

I enjoyed Ms. Webner’s use of the word “now” in that last sentence.

– Read the entire story at THIS LINK.  Opens in a new window.


Tower Building: An Article Worth Reading

towerbuildingLynn Whitcher and Cynthia Hanson, both attorneys and both working for MD7, have authored the article titled “Tower Building” in the January issue of Los Angeles Lawyer.   Los Angeles Lawyer is the magazine of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Okay… Lynn and Cynthia represent the wireless industry, so I was skeptical about the contents when I first saw the article.  That said, I have to tell you that I found the article to be very useful, almost 100% balanced and rounded, and an easy read.

If you would like to read the article, and I recommend you do, you can click here to download the entire issue of Los Angeles Lawyer  in PDF.

You’ll find the article starting at page 30.

Jonathan Kramer