TowerCo’s Cute Christmas 2014 Cartoon

TowerCo’s Christmas 2014 cartoon is a nice variation on a common industry theme, but I think they need to figure out the difference between a monopole and a unipole! Happy holidays to my friends at TowerCo!


Kramer.Firm Thanksgiving Doorbuster Sale


As a special incentive to attract new clients and retain our current clients, Kramer.Firm, Inc. will be giving a 95% discount on all work we perform between 8:00 p.m. PST on Thanksgiving through 11:00 a.m. PST on Black Friday. We’re very excited to make this offer. Just mention the Discount Code: “Idiotic Sale” . . . → Read More: Kramer.Firm Thanksgiving Doorbuster Sale


T-Mobile’s “Truly Unlimited” Plan is Truly Limited

Here’s a cute little Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Don’t bit of advertising slight-of-hand: T-Mobile’s current “Truly Unlimited” marketing campaign.

Here’s a part of the current advert on T-Mobile’s web site (and paralleling the TV ads currently running):


But once you’re wowed by the big pinkish letters at the top, your eyes may not wonder down to the . . . → Read More: T-Mobile’s “Truly Unlimited” Plan is Truly Limited