Verizon Hub So Much More Than A Terminal

Verizon’s new “HUB” device (pictured below) is starting to get some wings.  Specifically, Verizon has inked a deal with Time Inc. so that “Verizon Hub users can now view short-form videos from brands like®,®, and® from Time Inc. brands by simply touching the screen on the Verizon Hub.”

verizonhub1This move make sense from a bandwidth perspective since the video download will occur via the customer’s broadband connection required by the HUB, rather than across the Verizon Wireless network.

Verizon is positioning the HUB as a every-data terminal, rather than just a femtocell.

Very, very smart.


Manchester, Maine Town Meeting result: No Tower

This evening, the residents of Manchester, Maine voted at a Town Meeting to reject the proposed settlement with MCF Communications. At the same meeting, the residents voting also approved a moratorium on accepting new cell tower construction applications while the Planning Board reviews Manchester’s cell tower ordinance.

The likely result is that MCF will continue to pursue a remedy through the courts.

Click Here; to read a Kennebec Journal story on tonight’s proceedings.

For more on the background leading to this point, click on the MCF Communications tab below this message.


Town of Manchester, Maine asks residents to approve wireless consent agreement and tower moratorium

The Town of Manchester, Maine will hold an open town hall meeting on January 29, 2008 to decide whether to settle a law suit brought against it by MCF Communications and also whether to adopt a “Tower Moratorium Ordinance” for six months.

The interesting feature of this story is that the elected officials are asking the community’s eligible voters to decide whether to settle the suit, rather than deciding it themselves on behalf of the Town. In an editorial published by an area newspaper, The Kennebec Journal, the editors recount the history of the suit, and talk about a proposed settlement:

“All could have ended right there, peacefully and relatively quietly. Manchester selectmen could have approved the consent agreement, the cellphone folks would have paid a portion of the town’s legal fees and other expenses and life would have gone on. A new cellphone ordinance could have been proposed and adopted.

Instead, town officials took a duck…”

…when the town decided to let the residents decide the issue.

Interesting reading, to be sure.