“We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty…”

Today the FCC issued a fine just a few bucks short of a $300,000,000 against a group of scammers penetrating the extended car warranty scam.

The FCC’s identified perps are:

Sumco Panama SA,
Sumco Panama USA,
Virtual Telecom kft,
Virtual Telecom Inc.,
Davis Telecom Inc.,
Geist Telecom LLC,
Fugle Telecom LLC,
Tech Direct LLC,
Mobi Telecom LLC, and
Posting Express Inc.

The 27 page FORFEITURE ORDER reads like a who-done-it crime novel.

The fine is applicable jointly and severally so that anyone that the DOJ can tap for ANY OR ALL of the fine sum will get tapped.

I wonder how their extended forfeiture warranty coverage is doing, these days.

For an interesting read, you can OPEN THE ORDER BY CLICKING HERE. *Ioens new window.)