Eco-friendly MonoPalm in St. Lucia? Not really.

Eco Friendly MonoPalm?

Cable and Wireless must get the prize for its odd attempt to position a fairly ugly monopalm as being eco-friendly.

This poorly designed monopalm is located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

Poorly designed? Well, yes. Let take a close look at C&W’s monopine in the photo:

1. The monopalm has its antennas showing;

2. The site uses microwave for backhaul to the MTSO, so it requires a very visible dish below the palms;

3. The clamps are not camouflaged;

4. The metal of the trunk of the monopalm is partially exposed.

5. The climbing safety cable is visible.

All-in-all, fairly ugly.

Below is C&W’s news release praising itself for this project:

A history making moment was created by Cable and Wireless after the company installed the first ever environmentally-friendly Palm Tree Cellular Tower in St Lucia. The Mono Palm as it is called is shaped like a palm tree with a trunk and palms fronds at the top. The palm fronds are made of plastic and metal and they flutter in the wind. The Mono Palm stands majestically at 71 ft. and is located high up on ridge in Monchy where it blends naturally with the green vegetation in the area. The eco-friendly tower, like the other towers of Cable and Wireless around St Lucia, is able to withstand up to category five hurricanes.Cable & Wireless VP Networks, Sean Auguste said: “Cable & Wireless is pleased to have erected the first palm tree cellular tower in St Lucia which will not only provide enhanced mobile coverage to customers in the north but it also blends perfectly with the island’s natural habitat and preserves the aesthetic beauty of St Lucia’s landscape.” He was full of praise for the members of the C&W Networks, Operations and Mobile teams who worked diligently to set up the tower and have it activated.

“We are very proud of this quarter million dollar investment, which is located high above a new and expanding residential area overlooking Rodney Bay. This technologically advanced cell tower, plus its tremendous height makes it ideal for providing the expanded coverage that will be needed in the immediate area and areas further north, including Beausejour and Rodney Bay,” Auguste added.

Cable & Wireless has also installed a Mono Palm in Dominica in the William Estate in the Pond Casse area. The erection of the towers in St Lucia and Dominica means that in technical terms these are first such cell towers to be set up in the OECS.