My T-Mobile Headliner Slides

Attached to this posting are the slides I used today during my portion of the T-Mobile External Affairs Headliner Series presentation. I’ve also attached John Pestle’s slides.

We hope you find them useful.

Kramer’s T-Mobile Headliner Series Slides Pestle’s T-Mobile Headliner Series Slides

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One Industry View of 6409

Lisa Murphy, Esq.

Lisa Murphy, of LeClairRyan in Norfolk, Virginia is an attorney representing wireless carriers in land use matters (read: she represents carriers before government agencies). On February 24th, Lisa and I spoke on a panel at the AGL Conference in Las Vegas, which touched on Section 6409’s potential impacts on the . . . → Read More: One Industry View of 6409


Current Issues in Cell Tower Leases

March 3, 2011: 2 hour live teleconference 1 pm ET (12 pm CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT)

Teleconference Highlights:

The wireless industry has built more than 250,000 cell sites in the United States in the past 20 years. But many more cell sites are needed as iPhones, iPads and the like strain existing . . . → Read More: Current Issues in Cell Tower Leases

Speaking Engagements

Kramer’s Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Jonathan Kramer’s wireless lectures and upcoming speaking engagements in November and December, 2010. . . . → Read More: Kramer’s Upcoming Speaking Engagements