Where there’s smoke (at Sprint and Mobilitie)…

After reading Lydia Beyoud’s Sprint/Mobilitie article while returning from a lecture Tripp and I presented in Cleveland, something occurred to me: the common connection between smoke and fire.

Presuming the existence of the email at the source of Lydia’s article, it documents the end of an experiment to bypass some government permitting requirements to . . . → Read More: Where there’s smoke (at Sprint and Mobilitie)…


It’s Official: FCC Approves the Marriages of Softbank+(Sprint+Clearwire)

To nobody’s surprise, the FCC has approved the Softbank+(Sprint+Clearwire) deals. Here’s the press release just sent by Sprint…or should I say, SoftSprint: Federal Communications Commission Approves SoftBank’s Investment in Sprint and Sprint’s Acquisition of Clearwire

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., BELLEVUE, Wash. & TOKYO (BUSINESS WIRE), July 05, 2013 – The Federal Communications Commission announced today that . . . → Read More: It’s Official: FCC Approves the Marriages of Softbank+(Sprint+Clearwire)


FCC Approves SoftSprintClear deals…Apparently

According to a Bloomberg report today citing unnamed sources, two of the three sitting FCC Commissioners have approved the big TwoFer: Clearwire’s takeover by Sprint, and Sprint’s sale of itself to Softbank.

The decision, if in fact it has been made, has not yet been posted to the FCC’s web site.

Presuming the truth of . . . → Read More: FCC Approves SoftSprintClear deals…Apparently


Bye-bye Sprint Nextel…Hello SoftSprint!

Yes, this is a parody logo. You wondered?

Sprint Nextel is now a part of SoftBank.

Sprint reports that about 98% of its shareholders voted for the deal. The FCC approval seems like it will be pro forma.

Now, with the SoftSprint and SprintClear deals done, I suspect Dan Hesse is considering when . . . → Read More: Bye-bye Sprint Nextel…Hello SoftSprint!


Clearwire+Dish Network: A Match Not Made in Japan or Kansas

Perhaps the new corporate logo?(Yeah, this is a parody.)

For years I’ve been telling my clients that the relationship between Clearwire and Sprint is far from what Sprint has portrayed it to be.

No, Clearwire not a controlled entity or affiliate of Sprint, but rather an arms-length investment by Sprint in Clearwire. For . . . → Read More: Clearwire+Dish Network: A Match Not Made in Japan or Kansas


Clearwire: “You’re Such a Dish!”

Now it gets interesting.

As I previously reported, (Soft)Sprint is trying to buy up the shares of Clearwire not already owned by Sprint. They offered $2.97 per share.

Enter, now, Dish Network with an unsolicited offer to purchase Clearwire at $3.30 per share.

Needless to say, Sprint’s not too impressed with the Dish offer.

Now . . . → Read More: Clearwire: “You’re Such a Dish!”


Clearwire to sink from sight/site

(Updated 4:41 p.m.; added AGL Magazine story link.)

Well, it’s almost over. Clearwire, that is.

Clearwire will sink from site, er, from sight as SoftSprint (or someone else depending on the investor law suits will will claim insufficient value to be paid by Sprint) ponies up the relatively small bucks to buy the rest of . . . → Read More: Clearwire to sink from sight/site


Did Sprint+Network Vision-Lightsquared = Sprint+Clearwire+Softbank?

I’ve been thinking about why Sprint has now decided to sell itself to Softbank.

It seems to me that one possible answer would be to blame Clearwire and then LightSquared.

Clearwire was to be Sprint’s first (but not last) 4G answer, but WiMax never took off. In fact, the only thing about Clearwire that took . . . → Read More: Did Sprint+Network Vision-Lightsquared = Sprint+Clearwire+Softbank?