Mobilitie’s “Walrus” Design

Mobilitie is deploying a variation of what I call its Pox-on-a-Pole™ design in the Los Angeles market. I call this new variation the Walrus™ design. Here’s a new Walrus recently installed in West Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard west of Barrington Avenue:

A Mobilitie “Walrus” design, a variation of the “Pox-on-a-Pole” design.

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AT&T Wireless

RCR Reports AT&T Plan for New Small Cells Block by Block

Martha DeGrasse of RCR reports on AT&T’s plans for small cells. She quotes Arunabha Ghosh, AT&T Labs’ Director of Wireless Communications, who said, “If you want to use 500 megahertz of spectrum and deliver 100 megabits per second, you have to have the sites like 200 meters apart maximum, 100 meters for autonomous vehicles,” . . . → Read More: RCR Reports AT&T Plan for New Small Cells Block by Block


Does Spectrum (Charter) Cable Violate California Law?

Charter Cable purchased Time Warner Cable and promptly rebranded as “Spectrum.” That rebranding includes the Time Warner properties in Southern California, including where I live.

Over the last week I have had the need to have several service calls at my home that require I be present.

Imagine my surprise when I found out . . . → Read More: Does Spectrum (Charter) Cable Violate California Law?


Welcome to the New Digs

After 9 years of this site being located at, followed by 11 years of the site and then the blog being at, we’re now moved to this site, Wireless.Blog.Law. All of the old links (should) work so if you have a direct link to a post or page at the old site, that . . . → Read More: Welcome to the New Digs


Congratulations Sean Heath, MAI

Tripp and I, and the others here at the firm are delighted to share Sean Heath’s excellent news: He just learned that he passed all of the elements required to be certified as a MAI, a Member of the Appraisal Institute. He’s already a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

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The IRS is After Me! Gosh, I’m Scared!

I received the following partial voicemail from the IRS. Apparently, I have done something to make them mad at me. I’m afraid. Yup. Really afraid.

I’m heading for the hills right now!