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Might Apple buy Sprint?

Okay, it sounds wild, but let’s look at this for a bit…

Sprint has committed $15B to Apple in connection with securing rights to market the iPhone to Sprint’s subscribers (let’s not talk about the newest Apple product, the iHeatingPad). That’s a lot of cash, and I’ll bet that Apple’s contract leave virtually no room . . . → Read More: Might Apple buy Sprint?


Text the U.S.A. From (the Backseat of) Your Chevrolet

Not only can OnStar (the in-vehicle mobile phone system) unlock your car doors, tell you where to go, help you deliver a baby, and propose to your girlfriend, soon, OnStar will also pull up your favorite movies as well as text your mother, all at the same time.

OnStar is showing off its new navigation . . . → Read More: Text the U.S.A. From (the Backseat of) Your Chevrolet


lightRadio? Really?!

Bell Labs has unveiled its lightRadio cell site in a cube system. It’s received a lot of press from around the world over the past few weeks about it being ‘THE NEXT BIG THINK TO KILL OFF TRADITIONAL CELL SITES.’

Well, maybe not.

Digging a bit deeper into the apparent technology underpinning the system produces . . . → Read More: lightRadio? Really?!


‘Mr. Gorbachev tear down this NextG pole!’

On January 10, Lori and Michael DiMarco of the Long Island Town of Brookhaven, New York found that they had a new neighbor in front of their home; a 40 foot tall black wireless antenna pole.

Who would perpetrate such a dastardly deed? Who’s construction crew allegedly lied to the homeowner about what was being . . . → Read More: ‘Mr. Gorbachev tear down this NextG pole!’


Verizon’s iPHONE is here, sort of…

Today, as expected, Verizon announced the imminent availability of the super-duper Verizon iPhone.

(Pssssst….Don’t tell anyone, but…) The first generation of VZW iPhones won’t be able to access Verizon’s 4G-ish Long Term Evolution (“LTE”) network.

Essentially, the early adopters of Verizon’s iPhones will have a three-speed transmission.

Fast at three speeds?

Yeah, sort of, but . . . → Read More: Verizon’s iPHONE is here, sort of…

AT&T Wireless

2011 Prediction: AT&T Data Network to Speed Up

I predict that AT&T’s data network will experience a noticeable increase in throughput speed throughout 2011. That’s great news for AT&T, and they can thank Verizon for helping to achieve that goal.

Of course, while AT&T struggles to deploy its LTE network, it’s goal of speeding its network will be aided in no small part . . . → Read More: 2011 Prediction: AT&T Data Network to Speed Up


Protected: Client Report: Important Deployment Update

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Verizon Hub So Much More Than A Terminal

Verizon’s new “HUB” device (pictured below) is starting to get some wings. Specifically, Verizon has inked a deal with Time Inc. so that “Verizon Hub users can now view short-form videos from brands like®,®, and® from Time Inc. brands by simply touching the screen on the Verizon Hub.”

This move make sense . . . → Read More: Verizon Hub So Much More Than A Terminal

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Kramer: Ahhh-uhhhh-ahhhh-da-da-da

Yes, that’s your host imitating the sound you hear in an A.M. radio when your cell phone is on and is near the radio.

I was interviewed last year by O’Reilly Media’s James Turner. He has an Apple I-Phone which he’s not too happy with. He interviewed me regarding that buzzing you hear when you . . . → Read More: Kramer: Ahhh-uhhhh-ahhhh-da-da-da


Does your cell phone give away your location?

That’s a common question, and the simple answer is, ‘sometimes yes; sometime no.’

Cell phones regularly transmit update information back to the mobile telephone switching office (MTSO). This data is sent when you turn on your phone, at regular intervals while the phone is turned on but not in use, and when you turn off . . . → Read More: Does your cell phone give away your location?