Oops! Clearwire 4G Launch in Los Angeles.

…at least their press release says that Clearwire is launching real soon now.

My sources inside Clearwire tell me that the network is already up and running in portions of the L.A./Orange County market right now, and available via Sprint’s 4G phones and Clearwire dongles, but that Clearwire is rushing to get sites on-air to . . . → Read More: Oops! Clearwire 4G Launch in Los Angeles.


Cell Phones and Lip Gloss?

The California Highway Patrol is stepping up enforcement of the keep-your-eyes-on-the-road rules. It’s not (just) a cell phone thing, anymore.

Don’t text this to a friend while driving, okay?

For those of you who would like to see a great movie incorporating this, ah, problem, go out and rent the wonderful 1991 movie, “Defending . . . → Read More: Cell Phones and Lip Gloss?


RIP 800-Goog-411

Google is ‘hanging up’ on its excellent 800-Goog-411 interactive 411 service. Google started the service three years ago, and it officially shutters on November 11, 2010. That’s too bad, because it could (should) have been wildly successful given that (a) it was free to the consumers, other than air-time, and (b) it offered various ways . . . → Read More: RIP 800-Goog-411

Speaking Engagements

Kramer’s Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Jonathan Kramer’s wireless lectures and upcoming speaking engagements in November and December, 2010. . . . → Read More: Kramer’s Upcoming Speaking Engagements