Who is Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer?

Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer, Esq., AS, JD, LL.M, LP.D
Founder and Shareholder
at Telecom Law Firm, P.C.

Dr. Jonathan Kramer, Esq., J.D., LL.M, LP.D is Telecom Law Firm’s founder and senior attorney. He has  more than 40 years of wireless and broad telecommunications technology engineering and management experience.

Holder of the highest-grade FCC land-based commercial, digital marine, and amateur radio licenses, as well as the FCC’s highest grade marine radio maintainers license, Jonathan has also been licensed as a telecommunications contractor in California for over 30 years.

Jonathan is admitted to

  • the State Bar of California (2006);
  • the State Bar of New Mexico (2013);
  • the United States District Court for the Central District of California;
  • the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico;
  • the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals; and
  • the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jonathan is also a member of the International Municipal Lawyers Association, NATOA, SCTE (US), SCTE (EU), the SBE, and the ARRL.

Licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (General Radiotelephone Operator License PG-11-35289, with Ship Radar) (Previously licensed as a Second Class Radio Telephone Operator, Sept. 1975; First Class Radio Telephone Operator, Nov. 1977; General Radiotelephone Operator License, June 1987); GMDSS Radio Maintainer License DM00000680, with Ship Radar endorsement, May, 2008); GMDSS Radio Operator/Maintainer License DB00000530, with Ship Radar endorsement, May, 2008); Restricted Radiotelephone Operator License RR00066117.

Jonathan Kramer is also licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as an amateur radio operator since November 1970; currently licensed as an Extra Class operator (W6JLK). Formerly licensed as an Advanced class operator; Formerly licensed as a General class operator; Formerly licensed as a Novice class operator. (KD6MR, KP6AY, WB6FDE, WN6FDE).

Current member of the Executive Board of the Public Law Section of the  California Lawyers Association (“CLA”)(Term: September, 2023 through September, 2026).   The CLA is the successor to the state bar sections (see immediately below).

Former member of the Executive Board of the Public Law Section of the State Bar of California (Term: September, 2008 through August, 2011).  Since 2011, Jonathan was also an appointed advisor to the Public Law Section Executive Board.

Book article author and review editor on amateur radio cable television radio frequency (RF) interference matters.

Served as the advisor to the League of California Cities during the key negotiations and hearing regarding SB1627, California’s 2006 wireless co-location law.

Wireless technology advisor to and testifying expert before the FCC’s State & Local Government Advisory Committee (LSGAC).

Co-author, editor of wireless technology advisory to local governments based on OET Bulletin 65 published by the FCC, June 2000 titled, “A Local Government Official’s Guide to Transmitting Antenna RF Emission Safety: Rules, Procedures, and Practical Guidance”.  Mr. Kramer will be revising this federal publication during 2014.

Former National Board of Directors member, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA), an affiliate of the National League of Cities (previous term: 1997-2000, 1992-1994).

Former Co-chair of National Technical Standards Committee appointed by NATOA, National League of Cities, and US Conference of Mayors to develop the national RF technical standards for cable television systems adopted by the FCC in February 1992.

Witness before the FCC’s State & Local Government Advisory Committee on OET 65, March 2000 (Washington, D.C.).

Invited witness before the FCC in Cable TV re-regulation hearings, March 1990 (Orlando, Florida).

Right of Way engineering and management expertise related to telecommunications networks and radio communications siting.

Testifying expert witness in federal and state court cases regarding cable television technology, and federal and state court cases regarding wireless technology.

Technology speaker at every NATOA National Conference 1988-2000; and 2002-2004. Technology speaker at many regional and local NATOA conferences and meetings.

Dr. Kramer is an Appointed Volunteer Counsel, American Radio Relay League, Southwestern Division.

Communications technology speaker at multiple Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers conferences, and cable industry conferences Published author of book and magazine articles on communications technology, plant safety, construction and administration.

Cable system engineering and technical management experience six years: System Engineer/Chief Technician; Technical Manager; Regional Technical Manager.

Former Field Engineering Representative for Motorola Communications and Electronics, Area F Program Management team – Areas of experience include microwave radio; baseband RF and audio; digital signaling; UHF and VHF two-way radio (including high stability Simulcast® radio operations); telephony; and command and control communications.

Certified by APCO Institute as a Public Safety Radio Technician (2008-2025)

Dr. Kramer was awarded a Doctor of Law and Policy degree (LP.D) from Northeastern University in September, 2016.  He was awarded a Master of Law Degree (LL.M.)with distinction in Information Technology and Telecommunication law in June, 2013 by the University of Strathclyde School of Law.   He was awarded a Juris Doctor degree cum laude, from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law in 2001.  Mr. Kramer earned an AS Degree in Radio Communications with honors from Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

Dr. Kramer currently teaches regulatory law and policy at Northeastern University.


Telecom Law Firm, P.C.

Telecom Realty Corporation

Memberships and Registrations

State Bar of California. SBN No. 244074.

State Bar of New Mexico. SBN No. 145319.

Bar of the United States District Court – Central District of California

Bar of the United States District Court – District of New Mexico

Bar of the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Bar of the United States 10th Circuit Court of Appeal

Member, International Municipal Lawyers Association

Member, California Lawyers Association – Public Law and Real Property Sections

Member, New Mexico Municipal League – Attorneys Section

Martindale ISLN: 919263404

California Contractors State License Board: License C7-433113 Class C7 – Low voltage systems Member, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors

Founding member and former Board of Directors member (also former President) of SCAN NATOA: States of California and Nevada Chapter of NATOA (SCANNATOA.ORG

Senior Member, Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (U.S. Society). SCTE Member since 1979; Elected to Senior Member status April 1993; Elevated to Senior Member – Emeritus in November 2019.

Senior Member, Society of Broadcast Engineers; member since 2008, elected to Senior status 2014.

Member, SCTE (U.S.) Professional Development Committee (2008-2009).

Member, SCTE (U.S.) Loyal Order of the 704 (Membership limited to those with 30 years or more in broadband engineering field)

Fellow of Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers (United Kingdom society; elected 2001) (FSCTE designation)

Certified Broadcast Technologist (CBT designation) awarded by the Society of Broadcast Engineers

Life member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

No, you silly goose, Jonathan and the firm do NOT work for wireless providers or cable operators.  Okay?  Duh.

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