How to Spoil A New Mexico View

Here’s a gem of a cell tower that literally towers over an otherwise beautiful desert and mountain landscape along I-25 south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This tower is 150 feet tall, and completely towers over everything in the view of the drivers along this stretch of I-25. For those of you who . . . → Read More: How to Spoil A New Mexico View

Wireless Site Design

Elements of (Wireless) Style

(This post is another entry in an occasional series on Wireless Siting Design Style by Jonathan L. Kramer, Wireless attorney, planner, and advisor to hundreds of local governments in the U.S. )

In wireless planning, it’s often the little things that can make a big difference to the visual outcome of a . . . → Read More: Elements of (Wireless) Style


Ohio: Warrantless Search of Cell Phone Data Barred in Some Instances

The following is a press release from the Supreme Court of Ohio regarding its decision on December 15, 2009 suppressing data contained from within a cell phone that was seized without a warrant and that data was used against the defendant at trial.

Warrantless Search of Cell Phone Data Barred Unless Necessary for Officer’s Safety . . . → Read More: Ohio: Warrantless Search of Cell Phone Data Barred in Some Instances

California Wireless Association

California Wireless Association News

CalWa, the California Wireless Association, has just released their end-of-year newsletter. This is always an interesting read because it provides a good insight into California-based views of regulation, deployment and the like.

The current issue features stories on teh FCC Shot Clock; the Sprint v. Palos Verdes Estates case; the good public service work done . . . → Read More: California Wireless Association News


Permitting A Snowman (A Zoning View)

Thanks to Julian Quattlebaum III of the Channel Law Group for sending this along!


Anti-RF Boogie Rap

We all know that some members of the public view radio frequency emissions to be unsafe, and they lobby against wireless projects based on their fears of RF. Yet those who have studied the broadly accepted scientific research, and understand how the FCC set the current national standards, recognize that non-ionizing emissions from cell towers . . . → Read More: Anti-RF Boogie Rap