Wireless 101 Presentation to the City of Oceanside, California

On January 24, 2008 I had the pleasure of presenting my Wireless 101 lecture to the Planning Commission of the City of Oceanside, California. The lecture covers fundamentals of cell tower siting in a non-technical manner. I also use dozens of high-resolution photographs to illustrate the technology. No, I don’t shy away from dealing with the question of RF safety, and how local governments can review the issue within the boundaries established by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission.

Perhaps the best part of the lecture is a photographic review of “The Good; The Bad; and The Silly” of cell siting.

If you’d like to have me present the Wireless 101 lecture to your government agency meeting, please feel free to contact me.


6 thoughts on “Wireless 101 Presentation to the City of Oceanside, California

  1. admin says:

    Last night I received a very nice note from the Chairman of the Oceanside Planning Commission, Dennis Martinek.

    He said,

    Dear Jonathan,

    On behalf of the Oceanside Planning Commission and everyone in attendance at our January 24 Workshop, thanks for your informative and entertaining presentation on cell tower rules, upcoming legislation, stealth siting, collocation, and RF emissions. You made what I used to think was a dull topic exceptionally interesting. I know I’ll never view a cell tower or a church steeple in the same way.

    The Planning Commission adopted a work plan that includes community education on a variety of planning topics. Your presentation provided us with a different perspective relating to the issues of locating communication facilities.

    Thanks again.

    Dennis Martinek, Chair
    Oceanside Planning Commission

    Thank you, Dennis!


  2. h30 says:

    Yes, I hope all of the OC Planning Dept. think long about the safety and residential intrusion of these cell antennas/towers. Imagine if they went up in plain view of your neighborhood or yard, or think in the future your childs view or yard! Lets hope this helped to re-evaluate what you bring to residents of OC…remember we are trying to go forward not backwards with this city appeal. No just covering up a cell tower to look like a tree or hidden in a church is not good enough for the residents…..RELOCATION out of neighborhoods is the Answer for now.

  3. admin says:


    Thanks for your comment. As I don’t work with the Orange County Planning Commission, I don’t know what issues they’re dealing with.

    I don’t believe that blanket prohibitions in a particular zone make sense, either legally or technically. I do recognize that the driving concern of the public is, in most cases, RF safety. I will be adding substantial content to this site about that very issue.


  4. Holly says:

    The person stated OC – as Oceanside…

    Also I think it is disgusting that you work a 2 way street.

    Did you also mention to the city planners that you work with residents to help them fight these issues.

    I can’t wait to speak with the planning commission on your 2 sided version all in the name of money in your pocket. GO AWAY and do us all a favor get another GIG!

  5. Jonathan Kramer says:


    I missed your comment on 1/20, but now that I’ve spotted it, your comment deserves a response.

    You are simply wrong.

    I do not “work with residents to help them fight these issues.” I gladly answer questions from residents about the process, the technology, and the hot-button issues. I also work with landlords (private and public) who deal with wireless carriers.

    I’m always open to a thoughtful discussion and debate on siting issues. Your next opportunity to engage in that will be in Oceanside, California on April 27, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. At that time I’ll be presenting a Wireless 101 lecture to the City’s Telecommunications Ad Hoc Committee.

    Here’s a link to the agenda: http://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/pdf/04-27-10_TelecomAdHoc_A.pdf


  6. Jonathan Kramer says:

    Holly, for clarity of the record, I should have added one more thought in my prior response:

    I also speak at wireless industry events as an invited represenative of governments.

    No, that doesn’t make me a industry supporter. It does mean that the industry is also interested in what I have to say on the subjects I discuss.


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