Hands Free Comes to the Golden State

Welcome to California.  Now put down the cell phone when Use A Cell Phone Get A Ticketyou’re driving.  That law is now in effect here in the Golden State.  No warning period; just get a ticket.

Now that this law is in effect, if you are in a fatal accident (with other than you being the fatality), you can be charged with Misdemeanor Manslaughter.  That’s good for up to a year in jail, on top of everything else that will happen.

Think about safety when you’re driving and talking.

…speaking of which, the new law doesn’t prohibit you from DIALING or TEXTING while driving; only talking on a handset while driving.  Those loopholes should be closed fairly quickly when the California Legislature comes back from recess.

Finally, if you’re under 18, don’t worry about what I wrote above.  You’re prohibited from using a cell phone while driving, regardless of whether you’re using a handset OR a handsfree device.



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