So, you don’t like your wireless store sales clerk?

J.D. Power and Associates has released their 2008 report on consumer satisfaction with wireless retail sales.  It turns out that if you’re with Verizon or its newly purchased (consumed?) Alltel unit, then you’re

JD Power 2008 Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction Survey

among the happiest customers.  It’s another story altogether if you have Sprint Nextel.

But look closely at the scale: On the 1,000 point scale, Verizon/Alltel barely squeaked into the bottom of what would be called a “C” grade in school, and the industry averaged a high “D”.

Perhaps that why customers keep asking, “Can you hear me, now?”  “Huh?”

So, while Verizon may take the trophy for best in show, it was the prettiest mutt amongst a bunch of really mangy critters.


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