Forrester Research: When all Phones Are Smart…

…none are.

Forrester Research has just released the first in a series of reports on “SmartPhones” concluding that so many mid-range phones now have smart features, it’s hard to define what a really smart phone is these days.

“All mobile handsets are becoming smarter and Internet-capable. Yesterday’s smart high-end phone is today’s midrange phone and tomorrow’s entry-level phone. The ‘smartphone’ category is no longer useful as all phones become smart.”

To redefine really smartphones in a smart-saturated handset marketplace, Forrester proposes a new trifecta to define future ‘real smarts’ in a cell phone handset:

1. Openness and extensibility; and

2. Consumption and creation; and

3. Utility and entertainment.

(No, I don’t know what those terms mean, either, but for US $749 you can purchase their report, released on May 15th, and find out.  By the way, at 23 pages, your per-page cost is only $32.57…a bargin if the page count doesn’t include the table of contents; about the author; about Forrester; about etc.)

I propose labeling this blog as being 14G, which gives me a few years before someone proposes 15G, to which I must say, “Gee!”



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