Clearwire is Getting Much Clearer

As you’ve read on these pages, I’ve been perplexed by how Clearwire is deploying its system, at least in Southern California.  I’ve been writing about Clearwire’s deployment in terms of how many of their projects hit the planning desk as Sprint/Nextel site modifications, rather than as new collocations by this new market entrant.

I’m pleased to report that Clearwire (through its outside counsel, Suzanne Toller  reached out to me and set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss their plans, their process, and their network technology.  That meeting occurred last month.

Following the meeting, which lasted two hours, Suzanne followed-up with a six page letter discussing the points we covered in the meeting.  While the letter, properly, reflects Clearwire’s views, I think it is helpful as it extend the dialog and expands on the information base.

I invite you to read ‘the rest of the story’ on a special page at my law firm web site,, which you can reach by clicking here.



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