Verizon Changes Position: Please Hold the Wheel When Driving

Shortly after we contacted Verizon’s PR guy, Jeffrey Nelson and told him about Verizon’s shocking policy of advocating handsfree driving,  the press release was, ah, amended in part.

While Verizon changed the body of its press release to make it clear that they don’t support handsfree driving, they still the same (and now contradictory) headline: “Verizon Wireless Reaffirms Support For Hands-Free Driving And Bans On Texting And E-Mailing While Driving.”

Here is the revised press release, with the additions highlighted in red.

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Today, Verizon Wireless reiterated its support for handsfree use of wireless phones while driving and bans on texting and e-mailing while driving following the DRIVE Coalition’s attempt to fight state laws aimed at prohibiting motorists from talking and sending text messages while driving.

Verizon Wireless Vice President and General Counsel Steven E. Zipperstein made the following statement: “When it comes to using mobile devices while driving a motor vehicle, Verizon Wireless
has a long and proud record of leading the way toward common-sense public policies.

Since 2000, our record has been clear: we support hands-free use of wireless phones while driving laws. We support bans on texting and e-mailing while driving. And we have run an ad campaign urging people not to text while driving. “Therefore, we strongly oppose the efforts of the proposed DRIVE Coalition to confuse the issues and hinder the adoption of laws to protect motorists, passengers and pedestrians.”

Verizon Wireless broke from the rest of its competitors in the U.S. wireless industry by supporting state-wide hands-free use of wireless phones while driving laws as early as 2000. For more information on Verizon Wireless’ responsible driving practices, please visit


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