AGL Magazine San Francisco Wireless Conference

Above Ground Level (AGL) Magazine is sponsoring a one day regional conference in San Francisco on December 3, 2010.  The very interesting topics are listed below, including the session I’m leading, “How to Influence the Adoption of  ‘Good’ Wireless Ordinances.”

7:00 am – 8:00am Continental Networking Breakfast
8:00 am – 9:15am 4G, Whitespace, Pico Cells, Wi-Fi, Super Wi-Fi: What Do They Mean to Today’s Tower Company?

As the wireless world hurtles toward the high-speed data future, there will be a dramatic increase in the number and types of antenna/tower sites required. How can carriers and tower owners meet the demand? Distributed antenna systems (DAS) will play an ever increasing role. What are the challenges and opportunities in deploying DAS? And how can carriers and tower operators meet the backhaul capabilities required by a staggering increase in digital traffic? These issues will be addressed in depth by a distinguished panel of industry experts.


Don Bishop, Executive Editor, AGL magazine (moderator)

Ted Abrams, Abrams Wireless

Brian Allen, TowerCo

9:20am – 9:40am A Political Campaign Approach to Win Siting Approvals

Scott Ingham, The Elliott Bay Group

Political campaign-style strategies and tactics can effectively blunt siting opposition by mobilizing citizen support for better coverage, especially in more challenging jurisdictions like San Francisco. There are several objectives to using a political strategy to help get sites approved and on-air: identify and educate target advocates; bring wireless siting advocates to the table early and often in support of applications; and level the siting playing field and neutralize the increasing success of siting opponents.

9:45 am – 10:45pm Roundtable Discussion on using a Political Campaign Approach to Win Siting Approvals


Scott Ingham, The Elliott Bay Group (moderator)

Andrew Thibault, Partner, EMC Research

Tasha Skinner, Real Estate Manager, AT&T Mobility

Marian Vetro, T-Mobile

10:45m – 11:00pm Break
11:00 am – 12:00 pm The Art of Negotiation: Lease Optimization in the 4G World

With the introduction of 4G and other next generation technologies, all of the signs point toward a flood of amendments at towers across the country as well as the need for additional sites. Does this give tower companies the upper hand in lease negotiations? Or can the carriers successfully keep a lid on rising rental prices?


Richard P. Biby P.E., Publisher, AGL Magazine (moderator)

Adam Kauffman, Managing Director, NTP Wireless

John Paleski, Owner, Subcarrier Communications

Thomas Leddo, VP Operations, Md7

12:00m – 1:00pm Lunch Networking Break
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Using a Public/Private Approach to Addressing Zoning Challenges

The Silicon Valley Joint Venture’s Wireless Communications Initiative brings together wireless service providers, cities, businesses and users to improve wireless service in the Valley and eliminate dead spots. The consortium builds on existing relationships with municipal governments to lead a coordinated public-private sector effort and mounts a highly strategic campaign to transform Silicon Valley’s wireless data & communications infrastructure.


Patti Ringo (moderator)
Director, West region Municipal Relations, ExteNet Systems

Leon Beauchman, Area Manager, External Affairs, AT&T

2:30pm – 2:45 pm Break
2:45 pm – 4:00 pm Is there such a thing as a good wireless ordinance?A growing number of municipalities are adopting wireless ordinances. Some of these rules have a broad impact on both macro-cell and DAS siting. Who writes these ordinances? What are the components of an ordinance? How much does one town’s ordinance differ from another and why? What makes these ordinances harmful to the wireless industry and what can it do about?


Jonathan Kramer, Kramer Telecom Law Firm (moderator)

Natasha Ernst, Director of Government Relations, NextG Networks, Inc.

Jeannie Hamilton, Division Manager, Department of Building and Code Enforcement, City of San Jose

Suzanne K. Toller, Partner, Co-chair, Communications Practice, Davis Wright Tremaine

Harriet A. Steiner, Partner, Best Best & Krieger LLP

4:00pm – 5:00pm Changes in Federal Regulations: What You Should Know to Operate Towers

The rules regarding towers are in a state of flux as the FCC and FAA streamline their processes. Change in regulation is also the constant as regulators hustle to keep up with the evolution on technology. This panel will cover changes in rules concerning tower lighting and marking, the Draft MOU between FEMA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, pole attachment rules, the FCC’s Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) program, as well as new services such at the FCC’s Spectrum Dashboard.


Julian K. Quattlebaum, III, Channel Law Group, LLP (moderator)

Jon Dohm, AICP, Zoning Manager, West Area, Crown Castle International

John Koos, Co-Founder, Core Development Services

5:00 pm Closing

Highly recommended, and very reasonably priced at $75.00 for the full day.

For meeting registration and very discounted hotel reservations, please CLICK HERE.


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