An Interesting AT&T Cell Site Opposition Music Video

AT&T has a pending proposal to install a new tower overlooking Granite Lake, NH, about 15 miles east of Keene, NH. While it’s not a surprise that there is some community resistance, what is a surprise is the quality and effectiveness of this opposition video published by “Cucchicru” at YouTube. This is worth a bit over 5 minutes of your time.

The video quietly makes its point using only images and music. The ‘Before’ music is “Carry Me Across the Mountain” by Dan Tyminski. The ‘After’ music is “Darkness, Darkness” by Jesse Colin Young, performed here by Young as the vocalist of the Youngbloods.

(I take no side in the underlying question about the cell site; I simply point out how effective this video is in expressing its position.  -jlk)


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