Quote from PCIA’s Webinar on Sec. 6409

I had a chance to legitimately listen in on the PCIA’s webinar last week providing their membership with the industry’s view of how the new rules are to be used, and taught to local governments.

I won’t go into much detail now about the PCIA’s webinar now, other than to say three things:

1. It was informative to hear the PCIA’s view of the strengths and weakenesses of the new law; and

2. Far more teaching than boasting occured (to the PCIA’s credit); and

3. The ‘quote of the meeting’ (relating to a local government’s limited ability to deny a Sec. 6409 project) was:

“If the tower doesn’t grow, they can’t say no!”

I’ll be sharing more from the PCIA’s webinar when I conduct mine (for local government attorneys/agencies) on April 5th. If you qualify, please sign up at http://bit.ly/sec6409.

About half the slots are now reserved, so please don’t wait until the last moment to sign up. One hour of MCLE credit has been applied for.


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